Tonight I have great pleasure in introducing you to the newest member of the RadioSpiral stable of artists – Sequentonal. His catalogue of music ranges from Berlin School to drones, so you can be sure that tonight’s show will have plenty of rhythm, but may also surprise (and hopefully delight) you. With a few favourite artists thrown into the mix as well (some of Gypsy’s and some of Sequentonal’s) tonight is a dance party in your chair, but with mellow, relaxing moments too. There will also be a Witch’s Brew, with a cauldron full of beatz to go with the general feel of the show.

I hope you enjoy this exciting and uplifting collection of tracks.

Sequentonal - Oasys 0.1 - OASYS

Sequentonal - Nostalgia - Blast from the Past 2000-2015

Sequentonal - Rainy Sunday - Autumn's Dawn

Carbonates On Mars - Birth Of Spacial Anomalies - Unreleased

Dweller At The Threshold - In The Summer of Dreams - Nocturnal Vision

Witch's Brew


Sequentonal - Osmosis - Osmosis

Sequentonal - Starcrossed - Osmosis

Sequentonal - Serenity - Blast from the Past 2000-2015

Sequentonal - 4.30 a.m. - Blast from the Past 2000-2015

Sequentonal - Dawn at the Docks - Blast from the Past 2000-2015

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