There seems to be only one thing on people’s minds at the moment (understandably). However, the focus of this show is not toilet paper, instead, we’ll look at things at the atomic level. The music inspired by Innerspace is just as expansive and intriguing as Outerspace music. You’ll hear tracks from Mutation Vector, DASK and Massergy amongst others, and there will be a Witch’s Brew especially concocted to make everyone feel better… at least in theory.

Listen in to hear music to lift your spirits, from the inside out.

Set List

Phillip Wilkerson - Molecular - Microlinear


Plexus - You, Nucleus - The Music of Plexus

Robert Carty - Touching Atoms - Microspirals

Robert Dorschel - Two Viruses and a TR8 - Sweet Nothing

Massergy - Tetrahelix - ORCHID [eM Compilation 2015]

Sensitive Chaos - Warm Glow of the Atomic Fire - Seeker After Patterns

Witch's Brew

Thought Guild - Gentle Atoms - Continuum

Altus - A Universe Within the Atom - Innerspace

DASK - Electron Utopia - Electron Utopia

Mutation Vector - particle beam - Grimly Oblivious

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