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'Nights' - 12th June 2024

Pixabay Night 3.png

Tonight on Around the Campfire, we’re delighted to bring you some more tracks from Philippe Deschamps and his new album Forest of my Nights. Soft, rich, and relaxing, you’re sure to enjoy his music. Along with these great new tracks are many in theme by other artists, including Cousin Silas, Juta Takahashi, and poemme, to name but a few. There will also be a Witch’s Brew around 7pm.

If you want a wonderful musical night, Around the Campfire is the place to be.

Set List

Philippe Deschamps - The Nameless Forest - Forest of my Nights

Goon - Into The Night - Perpetual Wonder

Cousin Silas - The Night Begins - A Fall Of Moondust

Robert Otto - Night Rain - Sequences

poemme - falling snow on a silent night - Frozen Passages

Dimitris - Night In Plaza - Black Ambience

Chris Kuborn - Night Approaches - Static Movement

Saul Stokes - night painting - villa galaxia

Witch's Brew

Philippe Deschamps - Behind the Curtain of Dreams Pt. 2 - Forest of my Nights

Juta Takahashi - Night Blooms - Gems

His Divine Shadow - October Night - The Longing Sound

Robert Carty - Midnight Rainbows - Midnight Rainbows

Erik Wøllo - Nightscape - North Star

Boogie Belgique - Through The Night - Nightwalker Vol. II

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