'Inland Waterways' - 19th October 2022

Pixabay River.jpg

Tonight we're going to take a trip along the highways and byways of our internal waterways - come along for the journey and explore the music in lakes, ponds, and rivers. The music is varied and beautiful, with tracks from Magnus Josefsson, Staticer, and Chromadrift amongst others. There will also be the now mandatory Witch's Brew (live improv), around the halfway mark in the show.

Join us tonight and float away with some wonderful music.

Set List

Magnus Josefsson - The Pond - Acid Air

Bing Satellites - Hollingworth Lake - 28 Pieces

Alias Zone - The River - Lucid Dreams

Imaginary Landscape - The Silver Rivers of Ross 128b - Undiscovered Landscapes

Jack Hertz - Pond Leaves - Wetlands

Paul Nagle - Lakeside - Moments of Reflection

Parityflux - Windward on Lake Sevan - Three Fathoms

Witch's Brew


Anantakara - The Wise And The Reflecting Lake - Serenity Despite The Storm

poemme - lake-effect - Soft Ice

Erik Wøllo - Mirror Lake - Different Spaces

4T Thieves - Echo Lake - Hauntology

Wolfgang Gsell & Lutz Thuns - On the Neon Rivers - Behind the Fog

Chromadrift - A Lovely View Of The Lake - Traversing Oceans