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'Heavenly Bodies' - 3rd July 2024

Pixabay Heavenly Bodies.jpg

Tonight's show features a brand new artist to RadioSpiral - Bohemian Reprise. We're delighted to showcase four tracks from Bohemian's latest album - Cosmos. Along with these new tracks, we'll also be playing music from other artists including Saul Stokes, SLDE, and MindPhaser. There will also be a spacey Witch's Brew (live improv) around 7pm. Be prepared to chair dance, as this is not the usual drifty and dreamy Around the Campfire set - it's a whole mix up with plenty of opportunity for chair dancing.

If you want a stellar night in, RadioSpiral's Around the Campfire show is the place to be.

Set List

Bohemian Reprise - SOL - Cosmos

Bohemian Reprise - Comet - Cosmos

Ocean in a Bottle - Into the Kuiper belt - Into the Kuiper belt

Wolfgang Gsell & Lutz Thuns - Pluto Flyby - Behind the Fog

MindPhaser - Away from Jupiter - Plasma from Jupiter

Saul Stokes - Moon Jellies - Objects and Phenomena

Jim Ottaway - Many Different Suns - Infinite Universes

Witch's Brew

Bohemian Reprise - Mercury - Cosmos

Bohemian Reprise - Earth - Cosmos

Goon - Neptune - Horizon

SLDE - The first night on Mars - Mars Perseverance

Meg Bowles - Venus Rising - The Shimmering Land

Carbonates On Mars - Orion's Belt - Cosmic Connections One: Stars, Clusters & Nebulae

Brother Saturn - Searching For Pluto - Tales of Space Exploration 1-8

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