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'Earth' - 21st February 2024

Pixabay Earth.jpg

Tonight on Around the Campfire, we stay close to home – Earth. All of the tracks you’ll hear have ‘Earth’ in the title and include artists such as Kuutana, Chromadrift, Head Joint, and many others. There will also be a Witch’s Brew (live improv) around 7pm PDT.

Enjoy some great music and some down to earth banter Around the Campfire tonight.

Set List

Jim Ottaway - Beyond Heaven And Earth - Infinite Universes

Stan Dart - Earth - This Music Plants Trees

Tony Gerber - From Earth to the Stars - Ethereality

Wolfgang Gsell - Back To Earth - Apollo 13

Alpha Wave Movement - Earthen - Earthen

Chromadrift - Escaping Earth - Temporary Escape

Lucette Bourdin - Earth Psalm - The Hundredth Mantra

Head Joint - Early Morning Songs From Mother Earth - Red Sky Blue Smoke

Witch's Brew

Cousin Silas - Earthlights - Sky Watching

Mario Schönwalder - Quiet Earth - Solotrip 2

Headzic - Earth Keeper - Flow

Kuutana - A Beautiful Day on New Earth - In Memoriam -- A Tribute to Vangelis

Oper-8 - Earthbound - Space Station Soma

Hope Street House - Ellipsis Earth - Collected Singles

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