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'Drift' - 15th March 2023

Pixabay Drift2.jpg

Tonight’s show features music with ‘drift’ in the title, from artists such as Darkened Soul, ontol, and Different Skies, amongst others. Certainly the feel is – not surprisingly – drifty, but there are beats in the set, too. There will also be a live improv (Witch’s Brew) at around halfway.

If you need your midweek chill, RadioSpiral is the place to be tonight.

Set List

4T Thieves - Drifting in the Clouds - The Singles

Dan Pound - Drift - Drift

Another Neglected Hobby and Millicow - Service Drift - Service Drift

Sydalesis - Drifting Dialects - Void Cycle

Robert Carty - Universal Drift - Oceanic Space

Cousin Silas & Baxter Tocher - Winddrift - The Emporium Artists Project Volume 18 Collab Special Part A

Chris Russell - Slowly Drifting - Frozen

Darkened Soul - Drifting - Dreamscapes

Gregg Plummer - Drifting Outward - Remember This Place

Witch's Brew


ontol - Drifting On a Sea of Thought - What The Sky Remembered

Pallid Mask - Driftglass - Dreams and Nightmares

Robert Otto - Sequential Drift - Sequences

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