'Dance' - 27th April 2022

Pixabay Dance.jpg

For all you lovers of beatz (TM), tonight’s show will be right up your street. With a theme of ‘Dance’, the music that you’ll hear on Around the Campfire tonight will – for the most part – be very danceable. We’ll hear tracks from Ma Ja Le, Dreamhub, and Echo Us, plus a lot more. There will also be a Witch’s Brew (live improv) designed to get your toes tapping and encourage breakouts of chair dancing.

We hope you’ll tune in tonight and join us for a fun and upbeat set.

Set List

Brannan Lane - Feather Dance (feat. Amir Baghiri) - Ambient DUETS In Space

Daniel Robert Lahey - dances with elephants - dances with elephants

CASSIEL - The Mad Hatter's Last Moondance - Listen/Move

Dreamhub - Spiral Dance - Ambient Gardens

Colin Rayment - Dance Of The Nimbus - Evolving Forms

Echo Us - Aeriel (Satre Dance) - To Wake A Dream In Moving Water

Oper-8 - Tokyo Slow Dance - Space Station Soma

Sylvain Carel - Ritual Dance - Sunrise on Panipat

Ma Ja Le - Dance In Sands - Dreams In The Orchards Of Saturn

Witch's Brew


Hendu's Groove - Whale Dance - Beneath The Surface

Syndromeda - Moondancer - On Demand

Stockmans/Fiesel - Dance of the Red Dust - Mars Perseverance

Kuutana - Rain Dance - Undiscovered Shores

Burning Artist(s) Sale - EH Dances 17a (edit 1) - K-lektronic

Gypsy Witch - Dance of the Concubines - The Curse of Pharaoh Nuff