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'Paths' - 27th September 2023

Pixabay Path.jpg

Tonight, Around the Campfire explores paths and trails with our musicians, including Kuutana, David Gerard, and Tony Gerber among others. There will also be a Witch's Brew (live improv), because tech has hopefully been fixed now*. If you're looking for a relaxing two hours of superb music, Around the Campfire is the place to be.

Tune in to Around the Campfire and chill to some fabulous music.
*Thank you to DJ Cosmos for help with tech.

Set List

Kuutana - Emerald Path - Waking Sun

Robert Otto - Glidepath - The Pause Between Moments

Mark Seelig - On the Path (based on Raga Khamaj) - Disciple

Ancient Astronaut - Path to Ascension - Through the Tunnel of Love

Sydalesis - Hallmark Trail - Void Cycle

David Gerard - Follow the Path to the Sea - The Science of Sleep

kalabi - Path of Time - Support Network

Wolfgang Gsell - Sound Paths - Sound Paths


Witch's Brew

Tony Gerber - Alone On The Trail - Ancestral Spirit

poemme - a path between the clouds - Frozen Passages

Robert Rich - Feathers on a Barefoot Path - Travelers' Cloth

Thom Brennan - The Path Not Taken part 1 - The Path Not Taken

Joe Frawley - Avenue of the Secret Fur - Speak of This to No One

Altus - The Forest Pathway - Earth

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