'Clouds' 15th June 2022


Tonight Around the Campfire will help you drift away with a wonderful collection of music about clouds. You’ll hear from Jim Ottaway, Cousin Silas, and Hendu’s Groove amongst others and there will be a Witch’s Brew (live improv) around halfway through the set. There are gentle tracks, shimmery tracks and some beatz, too.

Tune in and float away on a sky full of music.

Note: The poem read during the live improv is below. When you've listened to the show, check it out to see what was done. :)

Set List

Tone Ghost Ether - Cloud Seven Below - The White Space

Sequentonal - Clouds - Osmosis

Cousin Silas - Staring at the Clouds (Lullabye) - Contrasts

Detlef Keller - Cloud 6 - The Story Of The Clouds

Auroric Dreams - Cloud Seeds - As The Orbit Grows

Erik Wøllo - Cloud Circles - Recurrence

Robert Rich - Fall Up, the Clouds Will Catch You - Offering to the Morning Fog

Witch's Brew


Robert Carty - Cumulus - Clouds

Alpha Wave Movement - Contours and Cloudforms - Soniq Variants

Hendu's Groove - Above The Clouds - Reflection

4T Thieves - Drifting in the Clouds - The Singles

Live Improv Poem - 'Clouds'' by Gypsy Witch


Never have I seen such a cerulean sky, its little cotton candy clouds drifting peacefully over me.

Gone are the calamitous cumuli of yesterday that shrouded the sun now gleaming overhead.

Give me a moment more, lying here on my back, staring up at the shapes that form and dissolve before my eyes.

You can join me now, lay with me and our cares will vanish as the clouds do, only to reform as something better, brighter, happier.

Up there I could be happy too, up there where everything seems as fragile and beautiful as we are, and where we can simply be.


Never let me forget this moment, it may not come again and I need to hold it and treasure it.

Go, - nascent concerns for the humdrum and mundane - leave me be and left me drift with the clouds.

Let the fresh air and the birdsong be an organum to the heavens, and to your presence.

You smile now, and suddenly everything is illuminated, is greater than before, and my heart struggles to hold the majesty of it all.

Down below the clouds we can yet rise to meet them - our love lifts us and carries us to where we can find peace.