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Tonight we’re going underground and unearthing music with a distinctly subterranean feel. Listen to Joe Frawley, Thom Brennan, Brother Saturn and many more – maybe even some Gypsy Witch. There will also be a Witch’s Brew (live improv) at around the halfway mark. Flashlights will be provided where necessary. Tune in and relax to Around the Campfire.

Set List

Brother Saturn - Sleep Soundly In The Ice Cavern - I Am A Ghost


ontol - Chapter 12 (excerpt: Shu-Halo Cave Song) - The Vega Chronicles, Series 03

Pamplemousse - Cavern - e(scapes)

Thaneco - Underworld - Journey to Ithaca (Vol. 1)

Thom Brennan - Cavelight - Shimmer

Gaetano Fontanazza - Cave Of Crystals - The Grandpa Lullabies

Witch's Brew

Virtholi - Cave - Mythology

Kit Watkins - Melrose Cavern - The Gathering Set 1

Cousin Silas - Inside The Epimethian Crystal Caves - The Silas Sampler 2 - The Twang Projects

Joe Frawley - In the grotto - Curious Perspectives

Syndromeda -Cavern of innocence - Unreleased

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