'Between' 22nd June 2022

Pixabay Between.jpg

Tonight, Around the Campfire is delighted to bring you an album premiere – hear it here before it’s even released! Dropping on 24th June, Somewhere In-Between is the new album by perennial favourite Jim Ottaway. With dramatic, expansive sound landscapes as a feature, the tracks vary but the sense of broader horizons does not. Taking a cue from the album, the theme tonight is ‘Between’. Alongside Jim’s music there will be tracks from other RadioSpiral artists including ontol, Gregg Plummer, and Tony Gerber. There will also be a live improv by your host.

Relax and enjoy!

Set List

Jim Ottaway - A Dream Within Reach - Somewhere In-Between

Jim Ottaway - One True Vision - Somewhere In-Between

Jim Ottaway - Chosen Place - Somewhere In-Between

Fanger & Kersten - Between Blue and Green - Script

Wolfgang Gsell & Lutz Thuns - Relationships Between Darkness and Light - Behind the Fog

Silvercord - Lost in Between - The Hundredth Mantra

ontol - Between the Angry Stars and Jupiter - Cassettera

Gregg Plummer - Between Here and There - Invisible Bird

Witch's Brew


Jim Ottaway - Sacred Ground - Somewhere In-Between

Jim Ottaway - Shores Of Eternity - Somewhere In-Between

Jim Ottaway - Carried In My Heart - Somewhere In-Between

Jim Ottaway - Winds Of Promise - Somewhere In-Between

Tony Gerber - Between The Planets - Totem

Cousin Silas - Between Worlds - Between Worlds