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'Three, Two, One... Go!' - 4th January 2023

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Tonight, Around the Campfire brings you music about numbers, specifically one, two, and three. No, really, you’re not tuning into Sesame Street, you’ll still be getting wonderful music from artists such as SOUNDICIAN, Max Corbacho, and Colin Rayment… with no Count Von Count in sight. There will also be a Witch’s Brew (live improv) around the halfway mark of the show.

Tune in and join us in Discord or Second Life – or simply listen. Three, two, one – go!

Set List

Ocean in a Bottle - Space fighter in two - Space graveyard Volume 1

Phillip Wilkerson - Two Breaths of Forever - Highlands

Colin Rayment - Three Movements Of A Restless Cumulus - Evolving Forms

Cousin Silas & Mr. Spiral - Three Spaces (Guitar+Aebea+Lapsteel) - The Emporium Artists Project Volume 18 Collab Special Part B

Kit Watkins - The Infinity of Three - The Gathering Set 2

Pamplemousse - phasetwoone - Unreleased

Kuutana - One - In Memoriam -- A Tribute to Vangelis

Witch's Brew


Palancar - One Step At A Time - Grooves

Max Corbacho - One True Light - Unknown Progressions

Morandi Experiment - Minus Two - Unknown Progressions

SOUNDICIAN - Two Souls - Evensong

Cousin Silas - A Multitude of One - Between Worlds

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